A responsible pet waste solution for managed communities and the environment


    Reduce Unscooped Dog Waste

    Remove Harmful Bacteria


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    The Solution to Dog Waste Problems at Last!

    Let PooPrints Nebraska solve the number 2 problem in your HOA, Condo Association or apartment community through the science of DNA.

    PooPrints Nebraska provides a DNA based lost and found for the pets in your community and provides the solution for matching the deposit with the depositor. Contact us today for a personal consultation on a custom solution for your community.

    How It Works

    1. Sign up for PooPrints.
    2. Collect a DNA sample from each dog in your community.
    3. Collect a sample from unscooped waste using our safe collection device.
    4. Mail the waste sample to our lab.
    5. Receive a result showing a genetic match identifying the pooch who left the pile.

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