How It Works


Getting Started

Sign-up your community

Contact us to discuss pricing and terms, ask about our additional services to help roll out PooPrints in your community.

Add a PooPrints section to your rental or homeowner agreements

A successful PooPrints program should be part of your standard rental agreements.  Make sure you have all the appropriate terms and documentation ready for your community.  Our representatives can help you add PooPrints to your community.  

Collect DNA from all resident dogs

Collecting DNA from resident dogs is very easy and takes only a few minutes per dog.  You will use a cheek swab to collect a DNA sample.  Some communities like to schedule a day where all residents can come in, swab dogs and receive educational information about PooPrints.

Enter Resident and Dog information to the DNA World Pet Registry

Back in the office you will enter all the appropriate resident information into our computer system.  This allows you to control your own information and ensures accuracy of the information collected.

Educate Residents

As part of PooPrints, you should consider educating your residents on the benefits of PooPrints and the risks of not addressing pet waste.  Ask us about additional products such as books, waste collection stations and bags to help your community stay clean and green. 



Matching Poop

If unscooped waste is found on your property, a sample may be collected and sent to the Lab for processing.  Luckily most properties never send in a waste sample because residents do a better job of scooping after PooPrints is implimented.

Collect a waste sample

Use our Waste Collection Kit to scrape a sample of waste from a pile.  The kit contains a scooper and collection container for waste storage.  Proper usage of the kit will ensure your staff does not need to actually touch the waste sample.  You only need a small sample of waste.  Follow the instructions you receive during community setup to submit your waste sample.

DNA matching

At BioPet Vet Lab, a technician will personally analyze each waste sample submitted.  Processing takes up to 10 business days from the time a sample arrives at the lab.  You will be notified when a result has been found.  

What to do with the PooPrints Results

Once you receive a result from the lab you should follow the procedures outlined in your community by-laws.  Remember, we can help you create new by-laws if you don't already have a policy in place.  Many communities already have regulations regarding pet waste.  A PooPrints result simply provides undeniable proof of which pup left the pile.